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«  I implore you not to miss the opportunity to hear this singular talent. » Patrick Rucker, Gramophone

Like a gardener of the soul, Julien cultivates his artistic universe like a forest garden, where disciplines, cultures, and sounds intermingle. Passionate about permaculture, this multi-faceted musician sows his projects like plants that inspire, reflect, and complement each other.

To inquire about Julien's projects, please get in touch with his management on the page CONTACT.

Solo Recital & Concerto

Julien's solo repertoire ranges from Bach to contemporary works, with a particular affection for the pieces of Chopin, Ravel, and Mompou, which he has recorded on disc. His current research interests lead him towards the music of Mozart, Schubert, and Brahms, as well as contemporary composers such as Silvestrov, Part, and Vasks. Chopin, Mozart, and Beethoven concertos are an evident part of Julien's repertoire, as well as Mozart and Poulenc double concertos that he has performed with prestigious ensembles, conductors, and partners such as Brussels Philharmonic with Michel Tabachnik, Oxford Philomusica with Mario Papadopoulos and Maria João Pires, Orchestre Royal de Wallonie with Augustin Dumay and Franck Braley, and Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia with Trevor Pinnock.

Album Release in Spring 2024

After a two-year absence from international stages during the pandemic, pianist Julien Brocal has devoted himself to creating new piano works. Born out of improvisation, these pieces capture a moment in time, a sonic contemplation that invites inner exploration. Titles such as « Soul Balm »  and « Zero Gravity » beckon us to be present, to let go of what we were doing and savor our own listening experience. An hour of sound meditation, an hour for ourselves in a world that constantly distracts us from our inner selves.

The Chopin Project
with Camille Thomas, Cello

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"I love you and that's all what I can tell because I'm falling from sleep and weakness" - these are the words of Chopin from the last letter he wrote in his life. It was a letter to his good friend, the cellist Auguste Franchomme, to whom Chopin also dedicated his cello sonata. Cellist Camille Thomas used the relationship between these two musicians as the basis for this special project. The instrument she plays is the cello that once belonged to Franchomme, the Stradivarius Feuermann. The repertoire she plays with Julien was composed by Chopin and arranged for cello by Franchomme with Chopin's permission. What's special is that these arrangements are played on the instrument for which they were originally intended.

Contemplation & Music
with Ilios Kotsou

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Are you ready to explore the depths of your soul and discover how music and contemplation can nourish your body and spirit? Julien Brocal and Ilios Kotsou invite you to a one-of-a-kind musical journey, to the heart of sensitivity and the beauty of the present moment. Immerse yourself in the intimate journal of Julien’s own improvisations and compositions, alongside Chopin, Ravel, Mompou and explore your inner spaces of tranquility and restlessness. Be amazed by the power of music and how it has been a source of self-transcendence and healing for many wounded artists, including Rachmaninov, Mompou, Silvestrov, and Chopin. JCome discover this musical and contemplative journey that will offer you a unique and unforgettable experience!